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iPad Self ordering

Easy and faster ordering process compared to traditional practices. iPad self-ordering makes it all so easy!

Invest in the more important things in life.

The iPad ordering system saves you 30% of your labour costs, brings up your service level, and improves productivity whilst increasing at least of 25% of the table turnaround. And most importantly, it is able to claim under government subsidiary and grants.

Isn't that is an amazing system that you noticed on the video? Yes, restaurants have transformed their manual ordering system into smart self-ordering system. Now, your customers need not wait for a long time to place their orders. Get your restaurant engaged with  Yumstone eSolutions best iPad, POS and Kiosk system and grab your customer's attention.

singapore premium pos and wirless self ordering

Premium Promotion

 Yumstone eSolutions is IMDA Approved Solutions Provider.
1 Premium Yumstone Dual Display POS, 1 Cash Drawer, 1 Yumstone Receipt Printer, 1 Wireless keyboard and mouse, 1 5port Gigabit Switch, 1 8GB USB thumb drive for data backup, 1 Yumstone license dongle, 1 Wireless Self-Ordering license total @ $5,000 only.