Restaurant iPad Ordering System

Give your customers a better opinion about your restaurant. Let your customer’s visual delight with your restaurant e-menu iPad ordering system. Get your restaurant equipped with the most reputed iPad ordering system from Yumstone eSolutions. The digital experience rendered by the ordering system would definitely impress your customers with the kind of service you provide them.

Your Customers are not going to wait anymore. YES, the iPad ordering system is letting its users place orders for an instance. And once the order is placed an alarm is buzzed in the kitchen. The order is viewed in the kitchen and the status of the order placed is delivered to the customer. Thus this digital system would be a great business for your food and beverage business.iPad Tablets giving your flexibility to pick the best stage of your decision. This Apple iPad App is regularly named Digital menu programming, Restaurant menu application, Tablet Menu System or even Mobile Restaurant Menu System.

Yumkiosk Self-Ordering And Payment Device:

Yumkiosk Self-Ordering Device, A highly engaging device that makes self-ordering and payments the simplest task at restaurants. This could even help middle-level restaurants in a better way by reducing human error. The device is cost-effective that it is used even in mid-level restaurants.

Yumpos 560 Series:

The Yumstone 560 arrangement has been flawlessly made to tailor for its utilization in premium eateries. It has fused reinforcement battery to shield information from debasement amid control disappointment which can supply control for 30 minutes amid a power inability to guarantee legitimate shutdown.

 Yumstone YCP81 Thermal Printer:

Amazingly solid printing framework. High shading estimations of outside plan. The progressive outline of paper printouts from the front wipes out shrouded blames and paper stick. Discretionary remote printing module; dispensing with exorbitant wiring burden, maintaining a strategic distance from issues caused by rodents, and so on.


 Yumstone ERP and CRM solutions have been embedded with the best practices from various industries to suit standard or unique requirements, with results.  We begin with the gathering of user requirements and consultancy, where we will understand your workflow and business processes. According to your budget, we will advise the right solutions and areas of compromise should there be any.  Also, we execute development and configuration according to the defined work scope, followed by documentation and training for administrators and users.